Day 5: Khan says when marchers get to Islamabad, capital police will side with him

  • Imran’s caravan to remain in Gujranwala today; protesters in Sindh reach Rahim Yar Khan
  • Says he’ll defeat Nawaz in his own constituency; will go after Zardari in Sindh
  • Fawad shares journey plan, says it won’t be possible to reach capital as planned on Sunday
  • PTI chief claims police officers in Islamabad will side with him once marchers reach the capital
  • This is the second such march by Imran this year; first was on May 25 and fizzled out after PTI reached the Red Zone

PTI chief takes oath from supporters in Gujranwala

‘Phenomenal numbers’: Imran hails ‘ever increasing passion’ of people as march moves towards Islamabad

Former prime minister Imran Khan on Tuesday hailed the “phenomenal number” of supporters who have come out to support his movement for freedom.

PTI marchers from Sindh reach Punjab

Led by Ali Haider Zaidi, PTI’s caravan from Sindh reached Punjab’s Rahim Yar Khan on Tuesday evening where they were welcomed with roses and slogans.

Imran says when marchers reach Islamabad, capital police with side with him

Firing broadsides at Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, PTI chief Imran Khan on Tuesday said that the PML-N leader’s “time has come now”.

“There isn’t any more time left now. I know you are sweating now […] Sanaullah, you and Shehbaz Sharif […] These rats are threatening us.

“Listen to me, when we reach Islamabad […] listen to me Sanaullah […] when we reach Islamabad […] the police you are spending millions on will join us because they too are against thieves,” he said.

Gujranwala, you have broken Lahore’s record today: Imran

PTI chairman Imran Khan, in an address to supporters in Gujranwala on Tuesday, said that the city had broken “Lahore’s record today”.

“Gujranwala, this time won’t come back. I want all of you to participate in this revolution. When I reach Islamabad, I will give a call to the entire country to reach Islamabad.”

Imran said that his nation won’t bow down in front of anyone, nor would be scared of anyone.

Rawalpindi ‘gearing up’ for long march

PTI MPA Muhammad Basharat Raja has said that Rawalpindi is “gearing up” for PTI’s long march and is “desperately waiting to welcome our leader Imran Khan”.

CJP, we want justice: Imran

PTI chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday demanded justice from the Chief Justice of Pakistan for the torture inflicted on PTI leaders Shahbaz Gill and Azam Swati.

“We will never forget it. The nation will never forget,” he said in an address to supporters in Gujranwala.

“And what they did with Arshad Sharif […] he told me who was threatening him. Chief justice sahab you should take interest in this yourself. Arshad Sharif is first sent outside and then he is killed.

“I am asking you today. If you [CJP] and the judiciary don’t stand for us, then who will,” Imran asked.

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