Canada Offers Big Relief for Visit Visa Holders with Job Offers

IRCC announced that people with valid employment offer can apply for Canadian work permit.

• The policy was updated in 2020, as a temporary program policy in order to help temporary residents in country with job offers.

• The policy is valid till 28 February, 2025.

• Applicants must fulfill the eligibility criteria in order to qualify for the temporary public program.

Eligibility for Temporary public policy:

In order to qualify for temporary public policy, the applicant must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. He/She must have an authorized Canada visitor status when applying for a permit.
  2. Must have a valid employment offer according to Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or should have an offer letter exempt with LMIA.
  3. Candidate must submit an application before 28 February, 2025 and follow to the other admissible criteria.

Jobs in Canada:

In year 2022, 608,420 work permits were issued.
Around 150,000 new jobs were added in January 2023, sources.
A valid job offer is a written contract for full-time or non-seasonal work.
The applicant must have a Labor Market Impact Assessment from ESDC to qualify for the work permit.
Applicants who hold work permit with the status of visitors for the past year must adhere different guidelines to finalize their application.

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