Anticipated Rainfall in Sindh Surpasses 400mm as Cyclone Biparjoy Grows Stronger

The cyclone named Biparjoy in the Arabian Sea continues to intensify, posing a significant threat to the nearby regions. According to the Meteorological Department, the areas of Thatta, Mirpur Khas, Badin, and Sajawal should expect heavy rainfall and thunderstorms ranging from 300 to 400mm.

In response to the potential danger, the Chief Minister of Sindh has declared the evacuation of approximately 50,000 individuals residing in the vulnerable villages of Keti Bandar, Jati, and Shah Bandar to ensure the safety of their lives and properties. As a precautionary measure, around 2,000 people from Badin have already been relocated to safer areas.

Anticipated sea waves are expected to reach heights of 4 to 5 meters in the coming days. The cyclone is currently progressing towards the northwest, spinning approximately 600 km south of Karachi. Residents of Karachi are strongly advised to refrain from visiting the coastline until the threat subsides.

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