After 9 years, Iran will send 5,000 people on Umrah to Saudi Arabia

Iran has announced the resumption of Umrah pilgrimage trips to Saudi Arabia after a hiatus of nine years, bringing delight to over 5,000 pilgrims eager to embark on this spiritual journey.

Mohammad-Hossein Ajilian, overseeing Hajj operations, has confirmed the arrangement of 11 flights from various cities across Iran. The journey commences from Mashhad on Monday, with subsequent departures from other significant cities such as Zahedan and Ahvaz.

The final flight is slated to depart from Mashhad on May 2nd, marking the conclusion of this phase of Umrah pilgrimages. This development follows a relaxation of diplomatic tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia in December, paving the way for the revival of Umrah plans.

Previous disagreements, including issues concerning entry permits, have been effectively resolved, enabling the resumption of the pilgrimage. This positive stride reflects progress in diplomatic relations between the two nations, particularly since the reestablishment of diplomatic ties in 2023.

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