Aerial firing on New Year’s Eve in Karachi injures 37, including 2 children’s

At least 37 people, including two infants and four females, were injured during aerial firing on New Year’s eve, according to police, hospital, and rescue officials on Sunday.

Police surgeon Dr Summaiya Syed said that “at least 37 persons, including two infants and four females, were hurt in celebratory firing on eve of New Year’s night and were brought to three hospitals”.

She added that all injured persons were stable as they received minor injuries.

Dr Syed said that a total of 19 persons were brought to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) for treatment. All were males aged between 12 to 61 years. “They were discharged after receiving medical aid,” she said.

The police surgeon added that a total of eight persons were brought to Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi. One of them was a woman, she said, adding that the injured were aged between one-and-a-half years to 28 years.

Similarly, a total of 10 injured persons were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital from different areas. Among them were three females. The wounded were aged between one and a half years to 45 years.

Meanwhile, a statement from the Karachi police spokesperson said that an awareness campaign was launched under the direction of Karachi Additional Inspector General of Police (IGP) Javed Alam Odho on social media, urging citizens to avoid aerial firing on eve of New Year’s night.

“But despite this, the law was violated in different areas where people resorted to firing, resulting in bullet injuries to 34 persons,” the spokesperson said.

Giving a break-up of all districts, the spokesperson said that 10 persons were shot at and wounded in district East, 10 in district Central, four in district City, five in district South, three in district Korangi, one in district West, and one in Malir district respectively.

The spokesperson said the police took immediate action and arrested a total of 34 suspects, allegedly involved in aerial firing, and cases under attempted murder and other charges were lodged against them at different police stations.

The police official said two suspects were arrested in district East, seven in district Central, 11 in district City, one in district South, 10 in district Korangi, one in district West and two in Keamari district.

Among the arrested were two policemen, according to City Senior Superintendent of Police Shabbir Ahmed Sethar.

He added that the policemen were posted at the Counter-Terrorism Department and Foreigners Security Cell of the police.

The Sindh government had imposed a ban on “carrying/display of arms, aerial firing, firecrackers” under section 144 of the Criminal Code of Procedure while the initially imposed ban on pillion riding of motorcycles/scooters was revoked later.

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