A Pakistani Madrassa has achieved a remarkable feat by setting a new world record, producing one million Hafiz-e-Quran.

Wafaq ul Madaris, a Madrassa in Pakistan, has accomplished an extraordinary milestone by producing an impressive number of over 1 million Hafiz e Quran worldwide. Since the inception of their Quran memorization exam in 1982, one million students have successfully completed the noble task of memorizing the Holy Quran.

In the year 2019 alone, a staggering figure of more than 78,000 students, including 14,000 female students, achieved the status of Hafiz e Quran. Notably, this Madrassa welcomes children as young as four years old, guiding them through a comprehensive program that allows them to complete the memorization of the Holy Quran within a remarkable span of two years. Moreover, in addition to Quranic studies, the students at this Pakistani Madrassa also receive a foundational education in subjects like English, Urdu, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, and Science.

Qari Hafeez Jalandhari, a representative of Wafaq ul Madaris, made a noteworthy comparison between the annual production of Hafiz e Quran in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. He emphasized that despite Arabic not being Pakistan’s national language, a larger number of children from Pakistan are memorizing the Quran compared to Saudi Arabia. In fact, Saudi Arabia produces only five thousand Hafiz e Quran per year, highlighting the significant achievement of Wafaq ul Madaris.

Furthermore, Qari Hafeez Jalandhari highlighted that the efforts of Wafaq ul Madaris have gained recognition from the Saudi government, which commended the Madrassa and honored it with an award for its exceptional contributions.

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