4,000 workers will undertake the task of cleaning the Grand Mosque by washing it 10 times a day during Hajj period

The General Presidency of the Grand Mosque and Prophet’s Mosque has recently appointed a workforce of 4,000 individuals, comprising both men and women, to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of the Grand Mosque. Their duties include conducting washing and cleaning operations ten times a day.

To facilitate the smooth flow of worshippers during the Hajj, extensive preparations have been made. Over 400 supervisors have been assigned to oversee the workforce, while an additional 800 workers have been designated to guide and assist worshippers within the Grand Mosque.

To cater to the needs of the worshippers, approximately 4,500 containers of Zamzam water have been strategically placed around the mosque, with an additional 7,000 water bottles set to be distributed. To support the operational logistics, the Agency for Services and Field Affairs, in collaboration with ‘TANAQOL,’ has deployed a fleet of 3,000 electric vehicles and 5,000 regular vehicles.

Entrance areas of the mosque are staffed with workers who provide guidance, implement regular sterilization protocols, and manage the safe entry and exit of worshippers. The Agency also oversees the deployment of 11 smart sterilization robots programmed to sanitize the entire Grand Mosque.

To further enhance hygiene measures, 20 Biocare dry steam sterilization devices, 600 hands-free sanitizers, and fog sterilizers have been incorporated, utilizing automated technologies.

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