Visa has formally opened its new office in Pakistan with an official inauguration

In a bid to fortify its talent acquisition strategy and align with the government’s digital commerce aspirations, Visa has inaugurated a fresh office in Pakistan. The office space has been meticulously designed to facilitate a hybrid work environment, underscoring Visa’s commitment to attracting and retaining exceptional talent within the country.

Notably, Visa, the world’s largest payment network, has witnessed a substantial 15% year-on-year surge in its workforce across the North Africa, Levant, and Pakistan (NALP) region.

Engaging in active collaboration with local banks, businesses, and fintech firms, Visa endeavors to craft and offer the payment solutions desired by Pakistani consumers. This proactive approach seeks to drive digital commerce, thereby benefiting individuals, enterprises, and the overall economy of Pakistan, particularly in light of the region’s recent acceleration toward cashless transactions.

Umar S. Khan, Visa’s Country Manager for Pakistan, articulates the organization’s objective to establish streamlined, secure, and efficient physical and online commerce processes through close cooperation with clients and partners.

With the unveiling of its new office, Visa is strategically positioned to foster innovation and introduce digital payment innovations that cater to the evolving preferences of both Pakistani consumers and businesses.

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