The tradition of giving dowry for marriages has been banned by a Jirga

In Pakistan, it is a common practice for the bride’s family to provide the groom’s family with material possessions, such as furniture, jewellery, and cash, upon marriage. This practice is called dowry and is prevalent in the country. In some regions of Lower Dir, 2-5 tolas of gold are expected as dowry, but with the current increase in gold prices, poor households cannot afford this amount. One tola is equivalent to 0.44 troy ounces, and at present, one tola of gold costs Rs215,800 in Pakistan. To combat this issue, a jirga in the area has banned the practice of dowry and warned villagers of a Rs1 million fine for those who do not comply. The jirga has also encouraged the community to follow the ruling and prevent social ills such as young girls dying, running away from home, or poor girls being unable to marry due to the burden of dowry.

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