Pakistani Cricketers Show Support for Palestine

Pakistani cricketers, including Shadab Khan, Haris Rauf, Muhammad Nawaz, and other members, have publicly shown their support for the Palē-stínían people during a period of heightened tensions in the Middle East. By sharing the Palē-stínían flag on their social media profiles, they have conveyed a symbolic message of solidarity with those affected by the conflict.

The situation in Gā-zā has witnessed a significant number of casualties, with thousands of Palē-stíníans losing their lives or sustaining injuries due to Is-raēlí airstrikes. The conflict escalated following an operation by Ha-maś, the governing authority in the Gā-zā Strip, which targeted communities in southern Is-raēl. This operation resulted in a significant loss of life and injuries on both sides.

It’s worth noting that even the Pakistani national cricket team, currently participating in the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 in India, has expressed their solidarity with Gā-zā. During a match, Muhammad Rizwan dedicated his century to the people of Gā-zā, underscoring the importance of their support.

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