Manager of Mahira Khan addresses rumors about her second marriage

Reports circulating on social media suggest that Pakistani superstar and actress Mahira Khan is purportedly on the brink of entering into her second marriage.

Prominent social media accounts, Mega Lifestyle and Diva Magazine, shared the news on Wednesday, August 16. According to their posts, Mahira’s wedding ceremony is slated for September and will be hosted at a well-known Hill Station in Punjab. The event is expected to comprise only immediate family members and close friends.

These sources further suggest that the actress is anticipated to tie the knot with her longtime friend, Salim Khan.

Reportedly, the wedding ceremony is set to be an intimate gathering, with only the couple’s nearest friends and family members in attendance.

Official Statement from Management:
Upon reaching out to Mahira Khan’s manager and team representative, Anushay Talha Khan, for verification or denial of the news, she characterized the reports as an instance of irresponsible journalism. While Mahira’s management has neither confirmed nor refuted the marriage rumors, Anushay contends that these stories have been propagated without an official response from the actress’s family or team.

It’s important to recall that this isn’t the first instance where reports about the actress’s impending marriage have swirled on social media. Approximately four years ago, news emerged about Mahira Khan’s engagement to Saleem Karim, a piece of information that surfaced during a stay in Turkey.

Subsequently, Mahira Khan addressed and dismissed these circulating reports. Mahira’s initial marriage to Ali Askari commenced in 2007 and concluded in divorce in 2015. The couple’s child, Azlan, hails from her prior marriage.

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