“I canceled my contract with the T10 League because domestic cricket in my country means everything to me,” says Iftikhar Ahmed

Iftikhar Ahmed, expressing his deep commitment to his country, stated, “My country is everything for me. I had a contract with the T10 League, but I canceled it solely due to my dedication to domestic cricket.

I believe every player should prioritize playing in domestic leagues rather than seeking opportunities elsewhere.” The Pakistan all-rounder, who was signed by Bangla Tigers for the T10 League in Abu Dhabi starting from December 28, chose to participate in the Pakistan National T20, a domestic tournament, representing the Peshawar region.

“I had a contract in the T10 league, but I canceled it to play in domestic cricket. Having played for Pakistan after emerging from domestic cricket, the respect I’ve earned is because of representing my country. As a player and a professional, I feel it’s important to honor domestic cricketers and Pakistan by playing here,” explained Iftikhar during the National T20 event.

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