Government decides on Pakistan cricket team’s travel to India for World Cup

Despite strained bilateral relations and apprehensions regarding the security of its cricket team, Pakistan has made the determined choice to dispatch its cricket squad to India for the forthcoming ICC Cricket World Cup in 2023.

In a noteworthy move, Pakistan’s foreign ministry emphasized the distinction between sports and politics, underscoring the importance of upholding international sports commitments.

Pakistan’s stance is marked by a constructive and responsible demeanor, standing in contrast to India’s decision to refrain from sending its cricket team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup. While concerns regarding safety persist, Pakistan places its trust in the International Cricket Council and Indian authorities to guarantee comprehensive security measures for their team during their sojourn in India.

The International Cricket Council had already divulged the World Cup’s schedule, set to commence on October 5. In a display of unwavering sportsmanship and dedication to global sports events, Pakistan will indeed partake in the tournament hosted by India, accentuating their commitment to the spirit of sports and international camaraderie.

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