Girls’ school was destroyed in North Waziristan

In Tehsil Shewa of North Waziristan district, unidentified militants reportedly detonated explosives at a private girls’ school on Wednesday night, according to police sources.

The militants allegedly subjected the school watchman to torture before triggering explosions that damaged two school rooms. Fortunately, there were no casualties resulting from the incident.

Similar incidents occurred in May of the previous year when two government girls’ schools in Mirali were targeted. Fortunately, there were no casualties reported in those incidents either.

The attacked schools, Government Girls Middle School, Noor Jannat, and Government Girls Middle School, Yunus Kot, had around 500 enrolled girls. They were targeted around midnight.

Local sources indicate that the school targeted this time was the only private girls’ school in the area, and its administration had previously received multiple threat letters.

Meanwhile, residents of North Waziristan have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited power supply from the Miramshah grid station, threatening to suspend it unless the duration is extended to six hours per day.

During a large gathering or Jirga held in Miramshah, local elders informed the media that the district receives only two hours of electricity daily. They highlighted that despite the federal government’s generation of significant electricity from various dams, including Warsak, Gomal Zam, Mohmand, Kurram Garhi, and Kurram Tangi, these areas do not receive adequate supply.

The tribal elders have warned of cutting off power supply if the duration remains unchanged, suggesting an increase from two to six hours. They further threatened to damage power pylons if their demands are not addressed.

In a previous meeting, elders from all tribes in North Waziristan issued similar warnings, indicating they might dismantle electricity infrastructure and expel utility company staff if their grievances are not resolved.

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