A newborn was miraculously rescued alive from rubble after 37 days in Gaza

In the midst of the Israel-Hamas conflict in the Gaza Strip, a heartening story has surfaced. A Palestinian newborn, born shortly before the war erupted, defied the odds when the house they were born in was hit by an Israeli attack.

Despite the devastation, the infant remarkably survived and was rescued an astonishing 37 days after the commencement of the war. The rescue operation took place near the remnants of the baby’s family home.

The resilience of this newborn, born amidst the chaos of war, has garnered widespread attention as they were pulled from the rubble long after the initial attack. A social media user shared this remarkable news on X (formerly Twitter), describing the event as a “miracle that came after 37 days. Baby born in the first days of the war was rescued alive from the rubble of the house bombed by Israel.”

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